Retail thief when 17

Retail thief when 17

March 29, 2013

More details to this question: Trying to get this off my record I’m 36 now I wanted to know how much would it cost this was like 19 years ago I payed the fines and everything but can’t get a good job with this on it

how much does a expungment cost

More details to this question: I was put on ard for insurance fraud. Completed mt ard and paid my fines in 2010 t this point i do not have alot of money I need help

When can I expunge citations

February 14, 2013

More details to this question: There were only citations that were sent to me in the mail. I plead guilty & paid them just to get rid of this headache. t was over a year & a 1/2 ago ut saw it was on my record under majistrate records. I’m in search of a new …

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