Can I avoid any criminal record from a bad check?

Can I avoid any criminal record from a bad check?

February 3, 2015

I have a preliminary hearing about a bad check to my former landlord. The court paperwork shows it as being a felony. My landlord and I have come to an agreement about paying the money back. When he called the district court to try and stop proceedings, they told him they couldn’t and we both …

Felon in fire service

January 16, 2015

at the vol. fire company in with has an issue with a felon wanting to join. We know there is a law about it but don’t know what section it is to get the law in writing. would you be able to help us out

Can i beat a false identification to law enforcement charge?

the state police showed up to my house looking for a previous tenant. they knew my first name was john but i lied to them about my last name. they were not looking for me but a guy named cory. i invited them into my house and tried to help them. i had warrant for …

Conspiracy drug charge

I was in a house where they found drugs but I had no clue that there were drugs in the house. I was charged with conspiracy and drug possession.

How do you recommend someone that is currently serving a Mandatory Minimum Sentence, but the state of PA currently changed the rules for to proceed?

November 13, 2014

PA currently changed the Mandatory Minimum Sentence Law. I have a family member serving that sentence. He has already served 7 years, and has an additional 7 years. He is serving more time that people that have done worse crimes. What do you recommend since the law has changed in PA…. What should we do?

PCRA grounds change of information

January 7, 2014

More details to this question: Imy fiance took a plea in PA for person not to posess firearm because of a felony conviction in MD. when researching I called MD and his case was never finalized 6 years ago. his case in MD is now before a judge there where there is a good possibility …

Would I be committing a crime in this situation?

December 6, 2013

More details to this question: I go to a fast food restaurant and go through the drive-thru, and when I’m handed my bag of food I set it in the passenger seat and go home. Once I get home I look in the bag and instead of food there’s a couple thousand dollars. The employee …

Questions regarding the outcome of a credit card fraud case in pennsylvania

August 14, 2013

More details to this question: Hello, I have a question about a legal scenario. A friend of mine is turning himself in for stealing bank account funds. The money was stolen via PayPal, now in order to transfer the money to his PayPal account he made an account in the cardholders sons name, and then …

I have a prior record for forgery and burglery

August 1, 2013

More details to this question: I have a prior record for forgery and burglary on probation for the burglary now not sure of my point score but has been charged with another burglary nothing was what will the courts do to me

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