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Can I avoid any criminal record from a bad check?

I have a preliminary hearing about a bad check to my former landlord. The court paperwork shows it as being a felony. My landlord and I have come to an agreement about paying the money back. When he called the district court to try and stop proceedings, they told him they couldn’t and we both had to show up to the hearing. They also said something about the charge being reduced to a summary offense. I want to avoid any charges on my record. Is that possible, or am I definitely getting a charge over this. This check was written with the understanding that it wasn’t to be cashed until I had received the funds to make it good. My business failed at the time and I wasn’t able to complete the sale that would have generated the funds. It wasn’t like I wrote him the check and just said screw it, we had an agreement that he wouldn’t try to cash it until I said it was ok. Stupid I know, but I trusted he wouldn’t. Answered by Kardos, Rickles & Hand

In what county did this occur? The reason I ask is that each county throughout PA handles these matters differently.  I would recommend consulting with an attorney before your preliminary hearing with hopes of the charges being withdraw.  You then could expungment the records.

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