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Bucks County Unmarried Parents Rights Attorney

The rights of married parents to make choices regarding their child’s wellbeing are very straightforward, but what about the rights of unmarried parents to make decisions about their child’s care? At Kardos, Rickles & Hand in Newtown, our Bucks County unmarried parents rights attorneys are prepared to answer all your questions regarding your rights as an unmarried parent and how to establish paternity for a child. To learn more, call or contact us now.

Rights of Unmarried Mothers

The rights of an unmarried mother are no different than the rights of a married mother. A mother has the right to put her name on the birth certificate, care for the child, and make all relevant decisions regarding their upbringing and care. However, you are not entitled to child support as an unmarried mother unless a legal father has been established for the child.

Rights of Unmarried Fathers

The rights of an unmarried father are determined by whether the man has been legally identified as the child’s father. An unmarried father that has not established legal paternity has no rights to a child. They have no right to visitation or the right to make any decisions about the child’s life. An unmarried man can establish paternity in two ways in Pennsylvania: by signing a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity or through the courts.

A voluntary acknowledgement of paternity can be signed when both parents are in agreement about who the legal father of the child is. This document can be signed at the hospital after the birth or at a later time. If one parent disagrees about the child’s paternity, the parent wishing to establish parentage can file a petition with the court. A judge can order genetic testing to determine the child’s biological father, and if there is a match the court will establish paternity.

Benefits of Establishing Paternity

There are many benefits to establishing paternity as unmarried parents. The child gets the benefit of developing a relationship with both parents, and the father has the right to create a parenting plan with custody and visitation that allows them both to spend time with the child. The legal father can also petition to have their name added to the child’s birth certificate and have it reissued with both parents’ names.

The mother also receives an added benefit of child support from the father to help cover the child’s living expenses and can learn about the father’s family medical history to help with any issues that may arise with the child. The child also receives the added benefits of potential access to health insurance, life insurance, Social Security, veteran’s benefits, and the right to inherit on their father’s side. To learn more about the benefits of establishing paternity as unmarried parents, talk to an experienced family law attorney today.

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