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Bucks County Separation Agreement Attorney

When a couple decides to separate, there can be a number of questions that arise regarding division of property, paying of bills, spending time with both parents, and other significant issues. One way to address these matters prior to filing for divorce or during divorce proceedings is through the use of a separation agreement. This agreement is a legally binding contract between spouses that dictates rights and responsibilities prior to the finalization of a divorce. If you are interested in learning more about a separation agreement from an experienced attorney, call our Bucks County separation agreement attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand today to schedule a consultation.

The Benefits of a Separation Agreement

While this is often a difficult time for a couple, creating a separation agreement can provide many benefits for each spouse and the couple as a whole. First, a separation agreement can identify rights and interests of each spouse prior to an official divorce. It can eliminate many questions and potential conflicts by clearly stating the rights and responsibilities of each spouse during this time. Separation agreements can reduce stress and ultimately expedite the divorce process if the spouses agree to many of the terms that must be settled before a divorce is finalized, such as alimony and child custody. To learn more about the benefits of drafting a separation agreement, call or contact an experienced divorce attorney today.

Common Issues Addressed in a Separation Agreement

While a separation agreement can contain many provisions and matters specific to your family, some common issues almost always appear. The first is the distribution of property between spouses. Typically, when a couple separates one spouse leaves the marital home and takes personal property items with them. A separation agreement can clarify that these items are being taken temporarily, or that the other spouse is retaining other property temporarily, prior to the official division of marital property in the divorce settlement.

Another common issue is who will cover what expenses during the separation. This can include the payment of spousal support as well as child support while the separation is ongoing. A separation agreement can also dictate what bills and other expenses each spouse will cover, such as utility bills, mortgage payments, childcare expenses, and more. The contract can also stipulate whose health insurance will cover minor children and how to pay for medical or dental expenses that exceed coverage.

Finally, separation agreements often address issues of custody and visitation when minor children are involved. This ensures that the parent who moves out will be able to continue to see and engage with their children on a recurring and continuous basis. Parents can develop a visitation schedule that works for the unique circumstances of their family, and it can be used as a helpful blueprint when it comes to divorce negotiations that can often alleviate much of the stress and emotion that normally occurs during this aspect of divorce proceedings.

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