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Arthritis Triggered By Auto Accidents


After a car accident injury impacting your ankle or leg, it is possible you could develop post-trauma arthritis. Bone injuries can lead to arthritis as ligaments, tissues, and joints can also be affected. Ongoing discomfort is possible and treatments may be necessary to resolve injuries sustained in Pennsylvania auto accidents. If you have already received medical bills in connection with a car crash and expect more will be coming, connect with a Bucks County personal injury attorney about your damage recovery options.

Inflammation of Joints or Lack of Cartilage

An arthritis diagnosis could be due to joint inflammation, this type of arthritis often is due to inflammation that occurs over time. But arthritis as a result of car collision is often connected to an accident injury, such as a bone break, that leads to a rubbing of bone against bone. While it is still an arthritis diagnosis, it is arthritis due to a trauma rather than one connected to a degradation.

Lack of cartilage can be incredibly painful and may go untreated if an accident victim is not diagnosed properly. Seeing the appropriate medical professional is part of the healing process. If you are suffering from arthritis symptoms following a bone injury, you would likely benefit from the knowledge of an orthopedic doctor who can develop a treatment plan for your specific situation.

Finding Solutions for Pain

Identifying why you are in pain and where the pain is radiating from is not always simple. It may take time for your medical team to determine where your pain points are and what treatment process will assist in alleviating symptoms you are experiencing. This is essential, not only for your own quality of life but also so you can be productive professionally. Many find they need to miss work after an accident, and lost wages can be stressful for families who are living paycheck to paycheck.

A compassionate Bucks County personal injury attorney can inform you of your recovery options after a crash injury. Knowledgeable lawyers know what documentation you will need. If you are seeing a chiropractor and physical therapist, your medical record may need to include a physician referring you to these support systems, for instance.

Arthritis isn’t always due to older, overworked joints. After an accident, post-trauma arthritis could become an issue. Discuss the details of your injury with a lawyer and learn about your options moving forward.

Are you suffering from post-trauma arthritis after sustaining a bone injury in a car crash? Talk to the seasoned legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand to have the specifics of your case reviewed. Our attorneys will protect your rights while you focus on healing. We will work hard to secure the maximum amount possible to assist you in settling past bills, future expenses, and to give you the compensation you need if you have lost work as a result of your injuries. After a car accident in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, reach out to secure the legal support you need. Call 215-968-6602.

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