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Are Self-Employed Individuals Eligible for Lost Income?


If you were injured in an accident in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you may not be able to work while you are healing. Some even lose their job after a car accident or slip and fall event. While you may understand how compensation is possible for medical expenses and property damage, understanding lost wage compensations can be more complicated, particularly if an individual is self-employed.

The process for documenting lost income is different for self-employed individuals than it is for employees of a company. If you have questions about what compensation options are available to you, discuss the details of your accident and recovery process with a Bucks County personal injury lawyer.

The Term Self-Employed Covers a Range of Workers

Freelancers, independent contractors, and sole proprietors are all examples of self-employed workers. They choose when and where they will perform their work and do not have an employer directing those decisions.

When a person is seeking compensation for lost wages, they are typically interested in securing the earnings they would have collected had the accident and injury never happened. For an employee, that can be clear. Documentation can be provided in the form of paychecks and annual income.

For a self-employed worker, documentation differs but is still essential. You cannot collect from an insurance company or receive a court settlement without proper evidence to support the financial number you are seeking.

Gathering the following items can be helpful:

  • Previous tax filings including 1099 forms
  • Business receipts and invoices
  • Correspondence referring to contracts or future work
  • Financial records and business account statements
  • Loss of carrier advancement opportunities
  • Letters from clients who can confirm assignments that were consistent

In addition to financial documentation, medical documentation needs to be saved. These documents are essential as they prove why you were unable to work. Doctor statements, hospital bills, prescription receipts, and physical therapy assessments are all helpful.

Talk to a Lawyer About a Claim Evaluation

If you are self-employed, request a claim evaluation from a Bucks County personal injury lawyer. Securing lost wage settlements for car accidents and other events can be more complicated when individuals are independent contractors or freelancers. Irregular and inconsistent means income and wages need to be calculated in a different way.

There are times when future earning loss also needs to be calculated. In these situations, there needs to be medical proof that your injuries will impact future earnings. If you are unable to return to the work you did prior to the accident, for example. Your ability to earn an income may be reduced and the court will need to compensate. This does not always directly correlate to your earnings before the injury.

Do you need advice on how to secure compensation for lost wages? Contact a member of the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Our Bucks County personal injury lawyers know how to secure the maximum settlement amount possible. Accidents happen every day. When they happen to you, it is essential you have a lawyer fighting for your rights. Reach out today, call 215-968-6602.

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