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My wife got a ticket for failing to stop for a school bus. She said the lights were yellow and deciced it was safer to keep going and the lights then turned red. Anyway we didn’t fight it because we both work extreme hours and have kids. It was easier to pay the fine and move on. After we paid the ticket the state suspended her license for two months. then our insurance company dropped us. We had no idea what the cosequences wereand the policeman didn’t tell us and there was nothing on the bill we got in the mail after the ticket stating that the offense rsultwill result in license suspension. We would have fought it if we had known. I feel they should have told us the consequenses on the ticket instead of making it sound like a routine ticket. I guess I have no rights unless I pay for a lawyer for what we thought was a minor violation. I feel our rights were violated. It shoukld have been mae clear to us the results of pleading guilty and paying the tix. Help.

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