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Addressing Parenting Time Issues


Parents experience a range of challenges when they separate or divorce. For example, issues can arise when it comes to parenting time. Ensuring that both parents have meaningful and consistent time with their children is a key aspect of family law. If you have a parenting time concern and reside in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, a Bucks County family attorney can share resolution options with you.

Common Challenges and the Importance of Record Keeping

Often disputes arise because of communication lapses, schedule issues, or relocation concerns. While clear and open communication can help to avoid conflicts, it is not always possible when separated or divorced parents are unable to exchange ideas effectively, leading to misunderstandings regarding parenting schedules and arrangements.

For instance, parents may face conflicts over an established parenting time schedule because conflicts arise due to work commitments, changing circumstances, or disagreements about holidays and vacations. Additionally, if one parent decides to relocate, it can significantly impact established parenting time agreements. Relocation may lead to disputes regarding visitation schedules and the feasibility of maintaining consistent contact with the children.

There are also situations where a parent intentionally interferes with the other’s visitation rights, such as denying access to the children or undermining an established parenting plan. Detrimental effects on parent-child relationships can follow.

In the face of parenting time challenges, being proactive and keeping detailed records can support your case. Documenting all communications connected to partnering issues, including emails and text messages that record missed visitations, changes to the schedule, and any interference with visitation rights, can provide a clear timeline of events, aiding in negotiations and legal proceedings.

Mediation Can Preserve Co-Parenting Relationships

Promoting a cooperative approach, mediation fosters a positive co-parenting relationship, which can be beneficial as your connection with your child’s other parent could continue for years to come. Mediation helps parents find common ground and reach mutually agreeable solutions. It also allows for more flexibility in crafting parenting time arrangements, which can be advantageous when your situation needs adjusting due to the changing circumstances of both parents.

Of course, there are options beyond mediation if communication efforts have failed or a person is experiencing specific legal corners, such as a parent constantly violating court-ordered agreements. In these situations, legal action may be necessary to enforce a legally established plan.

Share your concerns with a Bucks County family attorney. Seasoned professionals have experience in navigating the complexities of modifying parenting time arrangements. This could be due to a parent’s intent to relocate with the children or because of life changes, such as a parent’s remarriage or a child’s evolving needs. When modifications are warranted, changes to existing parenting time arrangements can be made through legal channels.

Were you surprised when your ex-spouse stopped following an agreed upon parenting plan? Sometimes proactive communication, record-keeping, and alternative dispute resolution options are what is needed, but if conflicts persist, legal action may be necessary. The legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand will work to ensure rights and well-being of all parties involved are appropriately addressed. Call 215-968-6602 for a consultation.

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