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5 Paths to Proving Negligence Following a PA or NJ Car Crash


If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, or in a county in neighboring New Jersey, proving negligence could be a key component to you securing compensation for your losses. Each situation is unique, but when you connect with a Bucks County personal injury attorney they can inform you of the worth of your claim and paths to proving negligence, which could include one or more of the following.

  1. Gathering evidence
  2. Law enforcement reports
  3. Eyewitness testimonies
  4. Expert analysis
  5. Medical records

Evidence at the Scene, Official Documentation, and Eyewitnesses

Swift action can do a lot to fortify an insurance claim in the wake of a car accident. This is because documenting the crash scene, such as taking photographs of the vehicles involved, all visible injuries, and the surrounding environment, means clear evidence is in place before the claims process has even started. Additionally, collect the names and contact information of witnesses and exchange insurance details with the other parties. All of this evidence can work together as a foundation for proving negligence.

And both Pennsylvania and New Jersey law enforcement officers often respond to car accidents, and when they do they file official reports. Official police reports include important details such as the officer’s observations of the event and any citations issued. Securing a copy of the police report could support your need for recovery.

Plus, the unbiased accounts of eyewitnesses can play a pivotal role in establishing the events leading up to an accident, strengthening your case by providing additional perspectives. Whether someone has already provided a statement or you have a phone number of an individual who was at the scene, a seasoned lawyer can track down and interview eyewitnesses, obtaining statements that may serve as compelling evidence.

Surveillance Footage, Expert Analysis, and Medical Records

Traffic cameras are incredibly common, and many Pennsylvania and New Jersey intersections and roadways are equipped with devices that are regularly collecting footage. With so many surveillance cameras active, it may be possible to obtain video footage that has captured the accident. Next, if needed, a lawyer can connect with a reputable expert to analyze the footage. Specialized analysis may provide valuable insights into the sequence of events and potentially highlight negligent behavior.

In the event of a traffic accident injury, demonstrating the extent of the harm sustained and the impact the injuries have had on your life is typically required in order to secure funds for medical expenses. Maintain detailed records of your doctor visits, medical treatments, prescriptions, and rehabilitation appointments.

Proving negligence could be part of accessing compensation you deserve. When you follow best practices, the process can be streamlined, and a skilled Bucks County family attorney has the expertise you need.

Was sometimes else’s recklessness the reason you were injured in a Pennsylvania or New Jersey traffic accident? Don’t hesitate to consult with a qualified injury lawyer who can help you secure justice and fair compensation. The legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand can guide you through the process, call 215-968-6602 to schedule your no-cost consultation.

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