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3 Tips for Deciding On a Divorce Lawyer


Choosing to divorce is a serious decision. Similarly, choosing an attorney should be done with care. The tips below provide some guidance on things to think about when talking to divorce attorneys.

Finding the right lawyer results in you working with someone you can trust to achieve your goals. Talk to a Bucks County divorce attorney about your future.

  1. Interview a few attorneys. If you are considering a few different lawyers, create a list of questions that are important to you. Things to look out for include attorneys who do not respect your time and attorneys who don’t listen to your thoughts. You want a lawyer you can trust, who respects your personal privacy and will work with you to achieve the best results for your situation.

  2. Discuss the preferred approach. Some prefer to work with an attorney who takes control, others like to be informed each step of the way. Recognize this in yourself and acknowledge that different divorce lawyers work in different ways. Be clear about how you feel about courtroom appearances or mediation. An experienced attorney can talk to you about the pros and cons of collaboration, mediation, or litigation and what might work best for you.

  3. Focus on what is important. Because divorce is such an emotional time, focusing on key issues can be extremely helpful. With the right attorney by your side, you can sift through all the issues at hand and focus on the ones that are most important to you. Discuss with a Bucks County family attorney about what you are willing to negotiate and which items you need to be settled in a specific way.

Questions to Ask a Pennsylvania Divorce Attorney

When meeting with a family lawyer, you may be wondering what questions to ask at an initial consultation session. Of course, the questions will be different from person to person. The following questions give you a few examples of how to get the conversation started.

  • What is your experience with family law, divorce cases specifically?
  • Do you have an estimation of how much my divorce will cost? Recognize that cost estimates may be difficult due to the unknown level of potential conflict in any given divorce matter.
  • How can we achieve my goals?
  • What do I need to do right away?

When you are discussing your goals, an experienced divorce attorney will provide you with what the process might look like, including property settlements and custody concerns. In complex cases, there will likely be a few steps, including gathering information, negotiating, and possible litigation.

The right attorney will make you feel comfortable and will provide you with clear possibilities. In some instances, they can provide you with a general outline of how it will be possible to transition from where you are now to where you want to be.

Ask a Divorce Attorney Your Questions Today

Is it time for you to choose a divorce attorney? The experienced divorce attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand can answer your questions. When you find the right lawyer, you can move through your divorce with confidence. Schedule your consultation today, call 215-968-6602.


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