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3 Steps Before A Car Crash Trial


Being involved in a car crash can lead to a variety of legal actions. Of course the best situation is one in which you can walk away from the event unharmed and you are not personally at fault for the damages of another party involved. But if you are involved in an accident that involves fault, injuries, and property damage, pursuing an insurance company settlement or navigating a personal injury lawsuit could be in your future.

Talking to a Bucks County personal injury attorney is important when a lawsuit is moving forward, this is true if you are in the position of being the defendant or the plaintiff. There are litigation steps, and understanding where you are in the process can help you understand timelines and possible outcomes.

Step #1 – Filing the Case

Before filing a case, there is a pre-litigation process where settlement offers are discussed. Often insurance company settlements are the final outcome, meaning the parties involved are able to land on a figure that everyone can agree to and sign off on. When you accept a settlement offer, the issue will be resolved quickly, within weeks. Paperwork will need to be filled out and funds dispersed.

When a settlement isn’t possible, a suit will be filed. This step is the formal beginning of legal proceedings. How long it takes to officially file a case will depend on the court. If there is a backlog of cases, it may take longer than it would if the court were not busy, for example.

Step #2 – Serving the Defendant

Once a lawsuit is correctly processed, the serving process will take place. This is when the plaintiff serves the defendant, essentially informing them that the plaintiff is suing them. If you want to sue another party, your attorney will serve the suit. Or, if you believe you will be sued and you have retained a lawyer, your attorney could receive that notice.

Step #3 – The Discovery Process

Legal representatives on both sides will exchange information related to the case and do their own analysis and investigation. How long the discovery process takes will depend on the complexity of the case. Negotiation can still be happening at this point. Sometimes a settlement can be reached even after a suit has been filed.

If a resolution is not reached during the process of achieving these three steps, the case will  move to trial. Typically, the plaintiff’s attorney will inform the Maryland court the case is going forward. Then, the court will assign the proper professionals, including a judge, and a trial date will be set.

Are you ready to connect with skilled litigators? Talk to the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand to discuss next steps today. Whether an insurance settlement is possible or going to court is required, an attorney will guide you toward a full and fair compensation award. After a series of conversations, your lawyer will be familiar with the documentation you have so they can develop a strategy to move your claim toward a successful outcome. To get started, call 215-968-6602.

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