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3 Slip And Fall Claims Facts


Thankfully a lot of slips and falls do not require medical care. Everyone does experience a trip or fall that they get up from without any trouble. While it may be embarrassing or uncomfortable, it does not lead to an injury that requires ongoing care. But unfortunately, some find themselves needing hospital care after a fall.

While each accident has its own unique factors to consider, there are also facts about slip and fall injuries that many aren’t familiar with. After an accident injury in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, discuss compensation options with a skilled Bucks County family attorney. Because lawyers are familiar with the intricacies of state law and are talented at reading and reviewing the language included in insurance policies, attorneys know how to establish fault and connect clients with the compensation and respect they deserve after an accident.

Fact 1 – Many Slip and Fall Accidents Happen at Work

According to one report, the leading reason for workers’ compensation claims are slip, fall, and trip injuries. This can result in complex situations involving third parties and workers’ comp claims. And these situations are the work accidents that are reported. Other studies have found that many, many work accidents go unreported each year. Reporting an injury as soon as it occurs can strengthen your claim.

Fact 2 – Treatment Expenses Are High

Hospital fees and therapy expenses can result in medical expenses totaling tens of thousands of dollars. High treatment costs can follow fractures, sprains, brain harm, and other accident injuries. Some people have robust insurance coverage that can assist them in paying off medical bills, but many others are uninsured or underinsured when it comes to health insurance. Another path to financial recovery may be required.

Fact 3 – There Could Be Multiple Parties Involved

Why an accident occurred and who was at fault is not always clearcut. There are times when a few different factors contributed to the event, leading to multiple parties bearing a level of responsibility. An experienced personal injury attorney can work through the documentation and evidence to determine who should be held accountable.

If you are hesitant to talk to a lawyer because you do not want to end up in a long drawn out court process, know that most slip and fall cases are settled outside of court. Legal representation means you will have an expert negotiating with insurance adjusters for you, which can reduce the likelihood of you agreeing to an amount that is lower than the amount you will need to fully heal financially.

Do you have questions about slip and fall claim loopholes? An experienced attorney will work to fortify your claim or case, increasing your chances of securing a full settlement. Discuss your case with the seasoned legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Our attorneys work diligently to secure compensation for our personal injury clients, whether injuries were sustained in slips, trips, falls, or other accident circumstances. Legal support is available after a New Jersey or Pennsylvania injury, call 215-968-6602 to book your no-fee consultation.

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