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3 Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

care worker mistreating elderly

It’s hard to imagine a nursing home staff member harming one of their residents. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, some caretakers harm and abuse those under their case. This abuse can cause great physical or psychological harm. In some severe cases, the abuse has even caused death. Keep your elderly loved one safe and study up on these three common types of nursing home abuse.

  • Physical Abuse: When a caretaker uses violence to strike an elderly person, they are physically abusing the resident. Caretakers can strike with their hand or with objects, but they have also been known to physically harm residents by shoving, burning, kicking, or biting them. Physical abuse can also involve force-feeding or using physical restraints. Signs of this abuse include welts, bruises, unexplained broken bones, burns and lacerations.

  • Sexual Abuse: An elderly person suffers from sexual abuse when they do not consent but are forced to engage in sexual acts with another. Sexual abuse can include unwanted touching, sodomy, and coerced nudity. If you suspect your loved one is being abused, keep an eye out and report any signs of bruises to the breasts or genitals, unexplained STIs or genital infections. Outside of physical harm, sexual abuse can also cause severe mental and emotional anguish to the victim, so look out for signs of depression as well.

  • Neglect: When your loved one’s needs are not being met at the nursing home, such as basic feeding and bathing, the nursing staff may be neglecting them. Watch out for signs of malnutrition of dehydration, as this could be a sign that the resident is not receiving enough to eat or drink. If the resident is unwashed, wearing the same dirty clothing, or have unwashed bedding, these too could be signs of neglect. Document these signs and report them to the appropriate party as soon as possible.

If you’re needing assistance helping a loved one abused by their nursing home caretakers, give the trustworthy lawyers at Kardos, Rickles and Hand. We have experience handling elder abuse lawsuits and will work to hold the nursing home for their actions. Call us to schedule a consultation today.

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