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Monthly Archives: December 2021


Dog Attacks And Calling The Police

By Kardos, Rickles & Hand P.C. |

Being bit by a dog or another animal can be an extremely traumatic experience. It is possible the dog bite injury will lead to emotional distress and major physical injuries. It is important to protect your rights when you are the victim of an animal attack. Calling law enforcement is often an important step… Read More »

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Should I Separate Or Divorce?

By Kardos, Rickles & Hand P.C. |

Entering a marriage, the expectation is the union will last. But there are times when a couple finds themselves in a situation where they are both unhappy or the marriage is damaged. At that point, divorce may be considered. But, if the two individuals want to have the possibility of a reconciliation, they may… Read More »

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Who Is Liable When A Car Hits A Jogger?

By Kardos, Rickles & Hand P.C. |

Car accidents do not only lead to injuries for individuals within the vehicles, there are situations when pedestrians and joggers are hurt. If you hit a person who was distracted while out for a jog, you may be wondering who is liable. Unfortunately, many individuals who are out for a run do not adhere… Read More »

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