Driving while lisence was suspend for child support non payment now have one year added on it after pleading quilty

February 12, 2015
Can i appeal a traffic ticket that i pleaded quilty to 4 months ago cause i was told by the traffic court that only points would be added but now i find out they suspended me for 1 year more…Was denied an occupational license and i am self employed home remodeling contractor with out being able to drive will put me out of business and bankrupt.Any advice on what to do to get penndot to unsuspend my driving license or grant me an occupatation license Please help Thank you Lawrence Haney.

you only have 30 days to appeal a conviction/plea after the District Justice enters it.  If you would like to appeal a matter outside the 30 days time limit you file a “Nunc Pro Tunc” appeal which requests of the Court permission to appeal late.  You should consult/hire an attorney to handle these types of matters.