Should I get charged with possession and paraphernalia, or give someone’s name up and set up a drug deal

March 11, 2013

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Last friday me and 4 other kids got pulled over in a truck. we were drinking and smoking weed. i have up my 2 bowls, .5 of a gram and rolling papers. the driverwas drunk and the officer was well aware of that.The officer let us all go but told me he was going to arrest me but not take me into custody that night. I meet at the station to talk to him and he said will either get charged with possession and paraphernalia, probation or ard and maybe jail time. Or he offered to set set up a drug deal and I give someone’s name up. He read me the consent form for that deal and it said no promises can be made about what will happen to me. He said he would try and drop most charges. I want to know which is my best option. And I would like to know if I get charged and go on ard because this is my first offense would both possession and paraphernalia be cleared off my record