If low on money should I wait until after preliminary to hire an attorney

February 11, 2013

More details to this question:

My son who is on parole for a weapons charge was recently arrested and charged with 1.having a weapon w/o a license, 2.persons not supposed to have weapons (convicted felon), 3.receiving stolen property (im assuming it’s the weapon). He said he was with a friend ina hotel woom and the cops were called. they entered the room because they “heard” soemone say the word gun. They found the gun inside a jacket and said that the first thing he tried to do was get to the jacket.. which i guess is why they assume it is his. I am pretty sure this case will not get dismissed at the preliminary hearing. I have gotten quotes from 1500-2500 just for the preliminary and then 2000-3000 for the trial, maybe even more. I can’t afford to pay all of this so I was thinking he can have the public defender represent him at his preliminary and then I can hire an attorney for the actual trail. 1. Do you think this will impact my son negatively? 2.Should he consolidate the cases??