Collections Attorneys – Assisting both Creditors and Debtors in PA & NJ

Collections and Legal Representation Lawyers Serving Creditors and Debtors needs in Bucks County, PA and Mercer County, NJ

Assisting Creditors

The Law Firm of Kardos, Rickles & Hand, is a prominent law firm experienced in the enforcement of creditors’ rights throughout PA and NJ.  Our attorneys assist in collecting debts and can assist in the collection of any amount and type of debt, including promissory notes, accounts receivable and judgments.

Our experienced New Jersey and Pennsylvania debt collectors make every attempt to secure payment before suit is required. If suit is needed, our collection attorneys manage the matter through the litigation process to entry of judgment.

After entering judgment, our attorneys use numerous tools to discover and restrain assets and income that can be directed to the satisfaction of the judgment. The firm can locate debtor’s bank accounts, permitting restraining notices to be forwarded to those banks which “freeze” the funds on deposit consequently they can then be garnished and applied towards the judgment.

Initially, if satisfaction of the judgment is not achieved, our lawyers will use a number other means to obtain judgment. These include but aren’t limited to information subpoenas, income executions and examinations of debtors, income executions.

Aiding Debtors

Are you feeling downtrodden with debt? If you are straining to make payments toward your debt and you want to stop the harassing collection attempts and creditor calls, it is very important that you retain the representation of an experienced and understanding attorney immediately. At the Law Office of Kardos, Rickles & Hand, we are proud to offer superiority, one-on-one representation to our clients. We always formulate personalized strategies for our clients and aggressively work to ensure that they obtain an advantageous outcome for their specific debt situation.

Our firm provides debt relief for clients throughout all of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

It doesn’t matter what type of debt you, your family, or your business encounter, you can take charge and achieve financial freedom. Act now, don’t wait any longer to solve your debt matters and issues. Debt Defense is under the category of consumer law, which endeavors to protect people who have an overwhelming amount of debt. We can be your resource for protection and financial relief, providing a strong defense against unfair debt collection practices. Are you experiencing consumer debt issues? You can obtain legal assistance from our firm immediately. Our New Jersey and Pennsylvania lawyers represent clients needing debt collection defense and settlement. Our goal for each client is to provide you with an opportunity to gain a fresh financial start.

At Kardos, Rickles & Hand, we offer dedicated and personal representation.  We take the time to explain everything, we answer all your questions to ensure you understand. We care about our clients and provide caring representation during the stressful times surrounding collection matters.  We are expedient, knowledgeable and experienced in our representation.

Choose a Collection Attorney in PA or NJ Who Fights for Your Best Interests

Responsive, qualified, and respected. Whether you need help handling a collections matter or wish to speak with a civil or personal injury attorney, the experienced lawyers of Kardos, Rickles & Hand get results. Located in Newtown, Pennsylvania and Trenton, New Jersey, our offices are easily accessible to clients throughout Montgomery County, Bucks County, and Mercer County. For more information, contact us today.